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We repair all wooden wind instruments: clarinets, bass clarinets, oboes, English horns, bassoons, contrabassoons, flutes, piccolos, saxophones.

We perform both minor repairs of various kinds on the instruments, as well as overhauls, where we are able to handle basically everything the instrument requires. We also offer repairs of instrument cases.

Before each repair, a consultation is necessary, when we get acquainted with the condition of the instrument and the customer's idea, and then we agree on a suitable procedure.

You can visit us in our workshop (by telephone appointment), or you can send us the instrument (we will order a carrier who will pick up the shipment from you), or come to service days.

Service days

They take place at regular intervals in conservatories, theatres and orchestras, where more customers can have their instrument adjusted or repaired. With regular service, the instrument is kept in shape all year round, thus delaying the need for overhaul. Musicians like this option because they do not have to wait for a free date, send the instrument to the workshop, arrange a substitute instrument during the repair, etc. Regarding our service days, follow our Facebook.


We provide professional advice and instruments reviews. We evaluate the condition of the instrument and help with the selection or sale. We provide expert assessments of instruments for orchestras.


Authorized service

Roman Zlesak is an authorized repairer and distributing dealer for Gebrüder mönnig, Oscar Adler & Co., Sonora.