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Roman Zlesák

Roman Zlesák has been repairing and producing wooden wind instruments since 1987, when he graduated from the Amati Kraslice vocational school and subsequently was employed in the same company in the production of clarinets and flutes.

From 1996 to 2006, he worked for the German company Gebrűder Mőnnig, Oscar Adler in Markneukirchen, where he expanded his focus to the production of all woodwind instruments. To this day, he cooperates with the company both in production and in repairs and performs authorized service of Gebr. Mőnnig instruments. Since 1999, he has also worked for the German company Guntram Wolf, where he is engaged in production and sales. Since the spring of 2019, he has also repaired instruments in the Danner master workshop in Linz, Austria.

During his career, he went through the entire process of producing all woodwind instruments, so during repairs he easily recognizes the origin of the problem and can eliminate it comprehensively. He adheres to the traditional procedures he learned from esteemed old masters, while using the latest technologies and trends.

Mostly from the time he had a workshop in Karlín, Prague, Mr. Zlesák has a wide base of customers from the ranks of amateur musicians, students, and especially professional players not only from the Czech Republic, who are still returning to him with confidence to repair their instruments.

He is now devoted to repairs in his workshop in Pilsen and works on returning to the production of his own model of the clarinet.

"I would like to welcome you in a small family workshop in Pilsen, the final form of which we are still working on. If you have any questions about woodwind instruments, please contact me by phone. If I can, I will help or advise."

Roman Zlesák

Anna Pešková

Anna Pešková studied flute at the conservatory in Prague, followed by a bachelor's degree in journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Charles University. During her studies, she devoted herself to alpine skiing for the visually impaired, and is a medallist at the Paralympic Games in Torino 2006 and Vancouver 2010. In the workshop of Roman Zlesák, she does the office work and performs auxiliary work on instruments.